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Power Heart with copper and decorated counterpiece.

Magnets can influence the blood flow in a positive way by increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients carried to cells within our body, flushing out toxins, and thus reducing inflamation, promoting wellness.

This magnetic heart is highlight of our magnetic range: a strong magnet holds the Power Heart and counterpiece tightly together, which is why the magnet can be worn so effectively on clothing and thus close to any part of the body.

In this attractive version, you will receive the Power Heart in a combination of decorated stainless steel and copper core, the counterpiece is made of shiny stainless steel in the same pattern.

Copper is prized by many people because of its anti-inflammatory effect. In naturopathy, it is used for the relief of vein problems.

PolarityNorthMagnets1Tesla0.22Size_MM29.1 mm x 30.0 mmMaterialCopper, Stainless steelSurfacePlain steel
Powerheart with lines